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A New Journal: Nordic Review of International Studies

The Finnish International Studies Association is launching a new journal, Nordic Review of International Studies (NRIS).

The Nordic Review of International Studies publishes peer-reviewed scholarly contributions within the field of International Relations (IR), focusing specifically on Nordic perspectives. The NRIS is committed to publishing articles that examine the international sphere empirically, theoretically, or institutionally from a Nordic angle. The NRIS is edited by Dr Johanna Vuorelma (University of Helsinki), Dr Sanna Salo (Finnish Institute of International Affairs), and Dr Ville Sinkkonen (Finnish Institute of International Affairs). 

The aim of the NRIS is to foster scholarly debates on international politics within and concerning the wider Nordic region. The NRIS embraces interdisciplinary approaches and appreciates a wide range of theoretical and methodological choices. We publish primarily in English, but also submissions in Finnish or Swedish can be considered for publication. The NRIS is published by the Finnish International Studies Association (FISA) and committed to the principles of Open Access publishing. 

The NRIS publishes full peer reviewed articles, shorter discussion articles, and book reviews. Book reviews focus specifically on academic books that examine international politics from a Nordic angle. 

Full articles submitted for publication should be about 8 000 words in length, including references, footnotes, figures, and tables. Discussion articles should be around 4 000 words and include a clear argument that can be also polemic in nature. The purpose of discussion articles is to facilitate debates, introduce a new research idea, respond to a topical issue, or comment on a particiular topic. Discussion articles are not referenced or have only a few references. Discussion articles do not undergo a peer review process. Book reviews should be 400–900 words, or 1 300 words if there are more than one book discussed in one review.

Please visit our submission site for further information and to submit a manuscript.