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Call for Papers: A Special Issue on NATO and the Nordics

NRIS invites contributions to a special issue on NATO and the Nordics

Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine has upended the post-Cold War European security architecture. In the midst of this seismic shift, NATO is rethinking its deterrence posture on the Eastern flank, while Finland and Sweden – traditionally militarily non-aligned – are in the midst of debates on the merits of joining the alliance in short order. These debates are driven not only by the changed security situation, but also profound changes in public opinion dynamics. In addition, Russia’s actions have created a newfound sense of urgency in Western Europe, most notably in Germany, to invest more in defence. This has implications for both Europe’s longer term ability to answer threats, military and otherwise, emanating from Russia, as well as the future shape of the perennial transatlantic burden sharing question, which has coloured debates on the alliance for decades.

The Nordic Review of International Studies invites contributions to a special issue, which aims to explore the ramifications of these changes for the Nordic/Baltic region and the NATO alliance writ large. We welcome articles exploring, for instance:

  • The history of NATO’s role in the Nordic/Baltic region
  • The changing NATO force posture, especially in the Nordic/Baltic region
  • The evolution of the relationship between NATO, on the one hand, and Finland and/or Sweden, on the other
  • The different approaches members states (e.g. Norway versus Denmark) have assumed as part of NATO
  • The public perceptions of the alliance in the Nordics and beyond
  • The views on potential Finnish and Swedish membership in other NATO member states
  • The views of other key powers (e.g. Russia, China, India, Brazil) on NATO enlargement and NATO’s global role in general

Please submit your paper proposal of 750–1 000 words no later than 30 June 2022. Accepted manuscripts are due in the early September and should adhere to the NRIS author guidelines.

Paper proposals are submitted through our submission page.