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Central Asia Network



The Central Asia network was established in October 2022 in response to a growing interest in Central Asia among scholars in International Studies and other related disciplines, policy-makers, and practitioners.  

The network brings together scholars to discuss and debate, for example:

contemporary and historical roles of Central Asia in international relations and world politics
various aspects of the “international” in Central Asia such as the relationship between the generalities of International Studies and Central Asian specificities
theoretical, conceptual, and practical issues related to conducting research in Central Asia related contexts
forms of academic cooperation between Finland and Central Asia
research themes such as sustainable development, good governance, geopolitics and geoeconomics, policy-making processes

The network aims to share knowledge and information about research activities related to Central Asia and contribute toward the development of high-quality conceptual, methodological and theoretical tools to further an understanding of Central Asia’s international relations.

The group is committed to strengthening the network of scholars working on Central Asia related themes in Finnish higher education and research institutions as well as encouraging dialogue with practitioners and policy-makers. 

The activities of the network are decided upon demand and may include, for example, panels at conferences (esp. the triannual Katse conference), workshops, publications, and information sharing. 

The network maintains an email list intended for knowledge and information sharing about Central Asia, especially related to research and higher education. To subscribe, please, see


Roseanna Avento (UEF)
Johanna Heikkilä (JAMK)
Anni Kangas (TAU)
Mirzokhid Karshiev (UH)
Johanna Ketola (UTU)
Kristiina Silvan (FIIA)


Anni Kangas, anni.kangas(a)