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The Nordic Civil-Military Research Network

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The primary goal of the Nordic Civil-Military Research (NCMR) Network is to improve and coordinate the capabilities of higher education institutions to provide useful teaching in areas of military science and political science. This network will focus on providing a platform for collaboration and cooperation, through which researchers from both fields can interact and dismantle barriers that isolate military scientific community from the research conducted in the civilian sector. By integrating the scientific and academic perspectives offered by higher education institutions in Finland, military institutions are more firmly anchored to the scientific community, while providing the civilian sector a more pragmatic perspective to avert disconnection of the academic research from the practical and contemporary issues within these areas, particularly in view of civil-military hybridization of warfare. The impact of this increased cooperation will in the medium and long term also contribute to the development and accumulation of expertise in national and international security in Finland and in the Nordic region.

In the NCMR Network, researchers analyse all aspects of security and military sciences, without commitment to singular normative framework. The researchers within the group investigate warfare and security issues from a variety of theoretical perspectives of both international politics and military sciences. The objective of the group is to improve collaboration and cooperation between civil and military institutions that teach strategic studies, military science, and international relations. This network provides support for doctoral students from variety of institutions to provide new perspectives to these disciplines. The NCMR Network advocates for scientific plurality to emphasize the importance of multidisciplinary approaches and international working environment to foster the scientific progress and good scientific practices. The network provides insightful and timely research into areas related to military affairs and security issues to experts and policy makers. In addition to research, the network provides coordinated teaching in higher education institutions to ground scientific and contemporary perspectives of military science and international politics to Nordic scientific institutions.


Foster academic cooperation between civilian higher education institutions and national defence colleges
Provide a platform for the collaboration and research projects in areas of military science, security research and international politics
Facilitate the teaching of courses related to these areas, such as strategic studies, which currently have little or no courses in higher education in Finland and the Nordics.
Support the scientific research in these disciplines via a common framework that can be used to apply for research funding and provide opportunities for members to engage in research projects
Seek institutional support for researchers in the group to provide teaching in higher education facilities
Contribute towards enhancing and building the expertise of the next generation of military, security, academic and policymaking professionals
Provide young and early career researchers with opportunities for networking, peer-support and formal and informal knowledge sharing in an interdisciplinary setting.


Ulla Henttonen (TAU)
Samuli Lahtinen (TAU)
Hillebrand Pohl (TAU)
Sanna Tukiainen (TAU)
Juha Vuori (TAU)


Samuli Lahtinen, samuli.s.lahtinen(a)