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Call for papers: Fifth FISA conference on 15-16 January 2016

The fifth FISA conference will be held on 15-16 January 2016 in Rantasipi Aulanko in Hämeenlinna (

The theme of the conference is future and forecasting. These topics will be discussed in the plenary sessions and a workshop session. There are also sessions dedicated to discussing the future of international studies as a research area.


FISA opens a call for papers for workshop sessions. The papers can deal with various aspects of the study of international relations and can be of theoretical or empirical in nature. They do not need to be related to the overall theme of the conference.

The call for papers is open until 2 October 2015. The paper proposals are submitted by using this form: You are asked to choose a thematic area for your paper to facilitate the processing of the paper proposals. If none of the themes seems appropriate, choose the option “other”.

You may also be in contact with the persons responsible for different themes. NOTE: Please do not submit the paper proposals to the contact persons, but by using the form above.

Contact persons:

  • Aseriisunta / Disarmament – Tytti Erästö & Matti Jutila
  • Euroopan unioni / European Union – Hanna Ojanen
  • Identiteetti, uskonto ja nationalismi / Identity, religion and nationalism – Henri Vogt
  • Kansainvälinen poliittinen talous / International political economy – Mikael Wigell
  • Kansainvälisen politiikan teoriat / Theories of international relations – Hannes Peltonen
  • Kehitysmaatutkimus / Development studies – Barry Gills
  • Kiina ja Itä-Aasia / China and East Asia – Juha Vuori
  • Maailmanpolitiikan uudet avaukset / New directions in world politics – Saara Särmä
  • Normit, oikeus ja moraali / Norms, justice and morality – Jarna Petman
  • Pohjoiset alueet / Northern areas – Aini Linjakumpu
  • Rauhanvälitys ja konfliktinratkaisu / Peace mediation and conflict resolution – Tarja Väyrynen
  • Sodankäynti ja poliittinen väkivalta / Warfare and political violence – Tommi Koivula
  • Strateginen ennakointi / Strategic foresight – Hiski Haukkala
  • Feministinen maailmanpolitiikka / Feminist world politics – Leena Kotilainen & Tiina Vaittinen
  • Ulkopolitiikan historia ja teoria / History and theories of foreign policy – Tuomas Forsberg
  • Venäjä / Russia – Hanna Smith
  • Muu / other – Leena Malkki


It is also possible to propose an entire panel/workshop. Use this form to submit a panel proposal:


Besides the traditional workshops, there is also a slot dedicated to discussing the future of international studies.

If you want to propose a theme for a discussion session, please be in contact with Leena Malkki (leena.malkki(at) by 2 October 2015.

It is already agreed that one session under this slot will focus on experiences and survival strategies of feminist researchers in academic working life – without forgetting the healing power of humour. The workshop is informal, collective and multilingual. To register for the workshop, please send an email to saara.sarma(at) and marjaana.jauhola(at) by 15 December 2015.


Leena Malkki